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Triumph decided to show off its handsome new Trident triple prototype at the London Museum of Art, and it fits

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Triumph decided to show off its handsome new Trident triple prototype at the London Museum of Art, and it fits right in, don't you think?


For many people with the two-wheeled addiction, the brand Triumph is kind of synonymous with the inline-triple engine. The brand makes all kinds of bikes with three-cylinder engines from the Tiger series of adventure bikes to the Street and Speed Triple models, and even the massive (and massively silly) Rocket 3. But, there was one model that started the love affair for the brand, and that's the Triumph Trident.

The Trident debuted in 1968 but was killed off in the 1970s as the brand went through ever-increasing financial difficulties. It didn't return until Triumph was relaunched under new ownership in the 1990s, then took a few years off once again, and now it's back at it -- at least as a prototype.

The Trident prototype debuted in all white -- and I mean all white (apart from the engine and tires) -- at the London Art Museum on Tuesday, and even in this somewhat abstracted form, it's a real stunner. It takes several styling cues from the much-loved Speed Triple models but ditches that bike's polarizing headlights for a single round unit. The bike is also shortened somewhat and visually seems more compact. It's a pretty aggressive style for Triumph, and I'm already a fan.

The rest of the details on the bike are a little thin on the ground at the moment, but we do know that the Trident will represent the entry-level into the category occupied presently by the Speed Triple and Street Triple. This means that it will likely start somewhere below the Street Triple's current MSRP of $9,950, and being Triumph, I also suspect that it will come with the brand's well-fleshed-out suite of rider aids like ABS, traction control, ride modes, etc.

The bike is slated to make its official production debut at the beginning of 2021.

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