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Michelle Obama wore a necklace that spelled out VOTE while speaking at the virtual Democratic National Convent

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Michelle Obama wore a necklace that spelled out VOTE while speaking at the virtual Democratic National Convention on Monday night.

Video screenshot by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET
This story is part of Elections 2020, CNET's coverage of the run-up to voting in November.

The designer of the gold V-O-T-E necklace Michelle Obama wore when she spoke at the virtual Democratic National Convention Monday night says "it was surreal" to see the former first lady wearing her creation and that the necklace has been selling extraordinarily well since its moment in the spotlight.

"My finance guy just texted me a bunch of exclamation points, so I assume that's a good thing," Chari Cuthbert of Los Angeles-based ByChari told The Daily Beast. 

Obama, the final speaker during the DNC's first night, discussed the importance of voting in this fall's presidential election while wearing the V-O-T-E necklace.  She encouraged listeners to register to vote and to "vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris like our lives depend on it." 

After her speech, there was such buzz about her jewelry that its designer quickly offered it for sale online.

While Obama never mentioned the jewelry, and the necklace was subtle, many viewers not only noticed but wanted one of their own. As soon as her speech ended, social media users began posting asking where they could buy the necklace. 

A representative for By Chari confirmed that the necklace is part of the company's custom collection, which allows buyers to spell out a name or other word on the necklace. After Obama's speech, the company quickly added the specific VOTE necklace to its website, priced at $295 (about £223, AU$407). 

"So many people have been buying it (since Obama's speech)," the By Chari representative told me via email.

The catalog copy at first didn't mention Obama, but has since been edited to say, "Ready to rock the vote? Do it in style with our coveted VOTE necklace. Our best selling piece, this necklace was designed for powerhouse women who let their voices be heard, especially at the polls. Michelle Obama donned this piece at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, encouraging people to do just that: have a say and vote."

The necklace will take three to four weeks to produce, the site says. It's available in 14-karat yellow, rose, and white gold in small, large, or diamond letters.

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