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A lovely bike. Tim Stevens/Roadshow We did it, guys. We've nearly made it through another month of 2020. And

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A lovely bike.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

We did it, guys. We've nearly made it through another month of 2020. And through all this year's irregularities, one thing is stable: Saturday means it's time for a week in review.

This past week we took a dive into the wild world of car camouflage. One of our editors took an exclusive first ride on the Royal Enfield Himalayan. But there was so much more.

Sit back and come along as we go through the best that was from Aug. 23-29.

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Yes, there's a decimal point in its power ratings, so you know it's not going to be the fastest bike, but the Himalayan left a big ol' smile on Editor-in-Chief Tim Stevens' face. It's so good, it could serve all your motorcycle needs.

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Who needs a Porsche 911? Not Reviews Editor Andrew Krok. After his time with the 718 Boxster GTS 4.0, Krok decided this may be all the Porsche you'll ever need.

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The 2021 Acura RDX A-Spec is out to show crossovers don't have to be vanilla. It's like rocky road, or a scoop with sprinkles. Reviews Editor Antuan Goodwin discovered the RDX is sharp and truly mixes things up in the typically conservative segment.

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  • Tesla Model 3's new frunk: It's not exciting knowing the Model 3 sports a new front trunk area. It is exciting that it may be a precursor to a major upgrade, however.
  • Porsche in the hot seat: The automaker's internal reviewing process may have stumbled upon a past emissions cheat for the 911 and Panamera's gasoline engines.
  • The Bronco's wild backstory: Ford nearly brought the Bronco back at the turn of the milennium, but despite the project's derailment, those inside the automaker never gave up.
  • The cost to Sasquatch: The Ford Bronco's options prices may have leaked, and it could a chunk of change to to 'squatch your new Bronco.
  • A Model 3 hatch?: Yes, there could be a Model 3 hatchback in the pipeline. CEO Elon Musk said it's not unreasonable to assume a cheaper Tesla is in the pipeline.
  • A new Kona cometh: Hyundai teased the new Kona crossover for the first time and it looks hot -- especially the new N Line model.

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