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Lightricks You make a video of yourself to post on social media and suddenly notice that the lighting isn't

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You make a video of yourself to post on social media and suddenly notice that the lighting isn't right, or you have a blemish or a wrinkle that appeared exactly where you didn't want it. You can fix all of those issues with Facetune Video, an iPhone video-editing app from the makers of the popular selfie-editing app Facetune. 

Facetune Video uses AI to retouch your selfie and portrait videos for Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and wherever else you post them. And you don't need any prior video editing skills to use the app, which developer Lightricks says was built to feel more like a quick photo editor rather than a traditional video editor. 

With Facetune Video, you can apply effects to different video frames and edit while the video plays to see how edits look in real time. The app includes features like: 

  • Facial retouching that smooths skin, whitens teeth, reshapes faces and applies digital eye color and makeup
  • General editing tools for brightness, contrast, color and sharpening
  • Special effects and layouts

You can save your favorite editing profile to apply it to other videos automatically, and future update plans include a tool that lets you swipe away blemishes instantly. 

Facetune Video isn't free. You can pay $8 a month, $36 for a year or $70 for unlimited lifetime use. Keep in mind that Facetune and other face-altering apps have been called out for contributing to body dysmorphia issues. But knowing that we celebrate both inner and outer beauty, if you feel more confident with another tool in your arsenal, this one does give you a lot of editing options. 

How to get started with Facetune Video 

1. Download and open Facetune Video (it's currently only available on iOS). 

2. Tap the photo icon in the upper left corner, and give the app permission to access your photos and videos. Select the video you want to edit. 

3. With the toggles in the bottom left corner, choose if you want the video to be portrait, landscape or square. Tap Start.

4. At the bottom of the screen, select which tool you want to use to touch up the video. 

5. When you're happy with your video, tap the upload button at the top right of the screen. You can turn the sound on or off, save your settings for the future and either share it to the social media platform of your choice or save it to your device. 

That's it!  

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