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If you wanna park this off-road-ready pickup in your driveway, be prepared to pay for the privilege. Toyota I

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If you wanna park this off-road-ready pickup in your driveway, be prepared to pay for the privilege.


If you were one of the many people who were as excited as me for the 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro and its incredible Lunar Rock color, you were probably also curious what you might be expected to pay to park one in your driveway. The good news is that thanks to Toyota's Thursday announcement, we know.

The Tacoma is one of those models -- kind of like the Dodge Challenger --  that has a massive delta between the cheapest version and the most expensive one. For example, the base 2021 Tacoma SR model will set you back $27,325 -- including Toyota's $1,175 destination fee. For that, you get a two-wheel-drive truck with Toyota's Access Cab arrangement that comes with cloth seats, steel wheels, etc. Think work-truck spec, but with decent standard safety features and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, for $47,995 (also including destination), you can get the extremely cool-looking TRD Pro Double Cab model. This baby comes exclusively as a four-wheel-drive model and features all the goodies you'd expect from an expensive off-road-focused truck. You get an uprated suspension, beefier wheels and tires, a moonroof, leather seating, off-road electronics like Toyota's Crawl Control and things like skid plates and a louder exhaust.

Toyota's newly announced Trail special edition trucks are available as both two-wheel- and four-wheel-drive models and fit almost exactly in the middle between the SR and the TRD Pro with prices of $35,180 for the 2x4 and $38,255 for the 4x4 version. The Trail package gets you stuff like Kevlar-reinforced off-road tires on 18-inch wheels and a few select, formerly TRD-only colors, among other basic amenities that you'd expect on an SR5-level Tacoma.

Also new for 2021 is the inclusion of a first-aid kit on all SR5 and up models and standard dual-zone HVAC on all V6-powered Tacomas.

Toyota plans to have all the new Tacomas in dealers this fall.

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