The best outdoor home security camera of the year – CNET

A good outdoor security camera has to perform well and be able to tackle wind, rain, hail and all sorts of other weather changes. We’ve tested dozens of weatherproof cameras to arrive at this short list of favorites, including the feature-rich Arlo Pro 3, the budget-friendly Wyze Cam Outdoor and the reliable Arlo Video Doorbell. … ادامه

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The best Labor Day sales for 2020: Ring security, vacuums, audio gear and more – CNET

Deal Savings Price Show more (8 items) Perhaps it’s appropriate that Labor Day, which celebrates the contributions and achievements of the American labor union and the workers who make our nation tick, has evolved in modern times into a major consumer sales event. And despite the weirdness of living through a pandemic, this year is … ادامه

این ایستاده لپ تاپ 38 دلاری دارای یک لامپ خواندن داخلی، فن خنک کننده و هاب USB – CNET

دزدی های روزانه وقتی از خانه کار می کنید، فقط جنبه اجتماعی رفتن به دفتر را از دست نمی دهند. شما همچنین از دست ارگونومی کار در یک میز واقعی به جای تایپ بر روی میز آشپزخانه. چیزی که شما نیاز دارید یک ایستادن لپ تاپ است که می تواند استفاده از لپ تاپ شما … ادامه

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NBA playoffs: After protest, how to watch Celtics vs. Raptors, Clippers vs. Mavericks – CNET

The NBA season, already marked by the upheaval of playing in a bubble in Disney World due to the coronavirus, took an abrupt pause this week as the players boycotted games after police in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot father of six Jacob Blake in the back seven times last Sunday, leaving him paralyzed. A number of pro basketball stars took to … ادامه

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Best blenders of 2020: Ninja, Oster, NutriBullet and more – CNET

A staple kitchen appliance for decades, blenders top wishlists for weddings, graduations and housewarming parties. They’re your best bet if you want a quick smoothie or a frozen beverage, and you can even use them to chop, grind or mix dry ingredients.  Blenders aren’t necessarily a luxury item, but start looking and you’ll see that … ادامه

Mini-LED LCD TV tech: Tiny lights could lead to better picture quality – CNET

The excellent TCL 8-Series was be the first TV to use mini-LED technology. Sarah Tew/CNET The latest new TV tech is called mini-LED. It first launched last year with TCL’s 8-Series and is now available on the more affordable 6-series, starting at just $650 for the 55-inch size. With the promise of better contrast, mini-LED has … ادامه

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بهترین قهوه ساز دم سرد سال 2020: فیلترون، اکسو، بیالتی، تاکیا و بیشتر – CNET

قهوه دم سرد یک نوشیدنی سخت برای مقاومت است، به خصوص هنگامی که آب و هوا گرم می شود. این فوق العاده متمرکز هنوز طعم است که شیرین است، اسیدی نیست. اون يه والوپ کافئين قوي هم بسته بندي ميکنه کافی شاپ ها قطعا کشش منحصر به فرد دم سرد را درک می کنند. و … ادامه

بهترین چرخ قهوه برای سال 2020 : Oxo ، Breville ، Cuisinart ، Baratza و بیشتر — CNET

حتی اگر از قهوه ساز با کیفیت استفاده کنید،نمی توانید قهوه برجسته ای را از لوبیای بد زمینی دم کنید. به این دلیل است که زمین های قهوه با اندازه ذرات ناهماهنگ نیز به طور ناهماهنگ دم خواهند کرد. و این در نهایت منجر به دسته ای از جو با طعم در سراسر نقشه، و … ادامه

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Best place to buy tires in 2020 – Roadshow

Your vehicle’s tires are often something you only think about when they’re causing problems. Whether you get a flat on the way home or discover that your tires are due for replacement, repairing or replacing a tire can be a stressful, time consuming and often expensive job. If you know where to buy tires, whether … ادامه