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Making quality coffee isn’t as easy as it sounds. Hot water for brewing needs to be in a specific temperature range. Coffee grounds can only come into contact with hot water within a precise window of time. Very few coffee makers can manage to pull off these parameters. And the legion that don’t produce sub-par, even truly awful drinks.

We’ve found some noteworthy exceptions on the market, and whether you want to brew perfect lattes, iced coffee or turn coffee beans into the perfect cup of joe, you don’t need to spend a mint to get the best coffee maker. You can drop almost $500 on a tricked-out Ratio Eight that’s as beautiful as it is capable or on a programmable commercial coffee maker. But all it takes is $15 to get Oxo’s superb Single Serve Pour Over funnel.

And there are plenty of compelling choices in-between for a coffee lover’s brew. One is our Editors’ Choice winner, the Oxo Brew 8-Cup, our pick for best all-around automatic brewer. Another is the KitchenAid Siphon Brewer, which uses an ancient technique to achieve outstanding and dramatic results. No matter your budget, there’s something on this list that’ll fit your drip needs perfectly and be the best coffee maker for you — and we’ll periodically update it with new products as we test them. We promise, you’ll never have to drink coffee from pods or an ancient coffee pot again.

Brian Bennett/CNET

The Oxo Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker delivers SCA Golden Cup-rated coffee that tastes just as good coffee from our previous favorite, the Bonavita Connoisseur, but Oxo’s new brewer costs $20 less. It also comes with a special single cup filter basket for Kalita Wave filters. The Oxo Brew is compact, stylish, and also sturdy, plus it comes with a thermal carafe that doesn’t drip or spill. Read our Oxo 8 Cup Coffee Maker review.

The best for strong single cups

Bonavita Immersion Dripper


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