Ford’s new race car will never see the road – Roadshow

Super cool, Ford.


Esports began to rocket in popularity before the coronavirus pandemic, and Ford jumped into the realm with the Team Fordzilla esports team last year. Six months later, the team planned to embark on a race car meant only for the virtual world, and on Thursday, the organization shared its final result. Meet the Team Fordzilla P1 concept, a wildly futuristic take on a race car.

Right away, we see lots of ethos pulled from the GT90 concept, which made a splash in the 1990s. It’s easy to see design progressions from the GT90, which still looks like a futuristic car today. Despite those vibes, Ford said the concept’s lead designer, Arturo Arino, pulled inspiration from the current Ford GT, but the P1 concept is way more than a far out GT-inspired machine. Why? Because the car shape shifts. The “morphing technology” provides two styles for racers.  The first is a longtail configuration for high speed straights, sort of like a Le Mans Prototype racer. The second is a much shorter body for tight circuits, such as Circuit de Monaco.

This final design received a vast amount of input from Ford fans on social media with over 250,000 fans voicing their opinions. Throughout the whole process, individuals voted in polls and helped shape the P1 Concept, which touched on the cockpit design and the drivetrain. Though, Ford didn’t speak about what powers this virtual race car just yet.

But we’ll likely learn a lot more about the P1 Concept in the months to come. Ford confirmed its in discussions with a major game developer to include the vehicle in a “popular racing game” next year. Perhaps even better is the fact the Blue Oval plans to build a scale model of the P1 Concept for real life. That will surely be something to see in person.

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