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Suspicious fire destroys semi-trailers in Dunnville: OPP

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in Dunnville, Ont., are investigating a suspicious fire that destroyed elements of a shoe manufacturing operation on Thursday night.

After putting out a blaze that demolished three semi-trailers used as storage on Ramsey Drive, Haldimand County Fire Services determined the cause of the fire was suspicious.

Read more: 1 dead after apartment fire in Hagersville, Ont.

OPP says the storage units that contained shoe soles for manufacturing, antique sewing equipment and various shop equipment/tools were generally lost in the fire which is believed to have started sometime before 6 p.m.

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Fisker Ocean electric SUV has 7,000 reservations, startup teases future models – Roadshow

Fisker future lineup

The future of Fisker of all goes according to plan.


Fisker, which pins its hopes of rising from the ashes in the Ocean electric SUV, dished out a hard figure to judge just how much interest there is in its upcoming EV. It’s nothing spectacular, but there’s certainly interest.

The company said Friday it has 7,062 reservations for the Ocean. Compared to recent news surrounding preorders (I’m thinking Tesla Cybertruck and Ford Bronco) it’s a drop in the bucket. However, it goes to show there is an audience for Fisker’s SUV with oodles of sustainable materials inside.

The reservations come from 30 countries and Fisker said the figure virtually sells out the first planned...

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'Shoulders, knees and toes to follow': Britons react to Boris Johnson's new coronavirus slogan 'Hands, Face, Space'

The government’s new coronavirus slogan “Hands, Face, Space” has been compared to the popular children’s song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” after the prime minister introduced it in a press briefing.

Boris Johnson announced on Friday he would delay lifting more lockdown restrictions as positive cases of Covid-19 rose across England. It comes after the health secretary announced new lockdown guidance in northern England on Thursday night just hours before the rules came into effect.

The new mantra of “hands, face, space” is to remind people to wash their hands, cover their faces and maintain space betwen themselves and others. But some are criticising the prime minister for his over-dependence on “punchy” slogans.

“Wasn’t clever the first time and we are done with you...

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Saint-Eustache hospital remains open amid COVID-19 outbreak

Quebec’s Laurentian Regional Health Authority (CISSS des Laurentides), confirmed Thursday the Saint-Eustache hospital is dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak in three of its 13 in-patient units.

Health officials say since July 27, 14 patients and 11 staff have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Infected patients have been transferred to other health facilities in the region with designated red zones equipped to treat COVID-19 patients.

Read more: Canadian hospitals using new therapies to treat critically ill COVID-19 patients

Employees who tested positive have been asked to stay home until they have recovered and are being replaced.

The CISSS said the hospital remains open, but “heightened protection measures” are in place to contain the spread of the virus.

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New SpaceX Starship prototype passes key test; Elon Musk says it will fly ‘soon’ – CNET

Putting humans in the picture gives a better idea of just how big the Starship orbital prototype will be. SpaceX founder Elon Musk shared this behind-the-scenes look at workers in Texas with Starship on a transporter in September 2019.

Elon Musk

SpaceX’s path to Mars has so far been marked by fits and starts, but the next flight of Elon Musk’s big rocket prototype could be just days away. Airspace closures issued by the Federal Aviation Administration indicate the company is aiming to get the latest iteration of the Starship developmental craft off the ground on Sunday or Monday.

Of course, it won’t get anywhere near Mars, or even space. The first flight of SN5 is expected to be a 150-meter (492-foot) “hop.” 

Now playing: Watch this: SpaceX aces Starhopper rocket test

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UK weather – live: Police cordons to stop overcrowding at Bournemouth beach, as temperatures hit 35C on hottest day of year

Climate crisis having “increasing impact” on the UK, Met Office says 

The climate crisis is increasingly being felt in the UK, an annual climate report by the Met Office suggests. 

In 2019, the average temperature was 1.1C above levels experienced between 1961 and 1990.

The UK also had its hottest ever day last year, when a temperature of 38.7C was recorded at Cambridge University Botanic Gardens on 25 July. 

Additionally, a new winter record of 21.2C was set in 2019 at Kew Gardens in London, marking the first occasion the UK had seen temperatures rise above 20C during the winter. 

The climate emergency is also affecting the UK in other ways, with floods occurring in mid-June in Lincolnshire. 

Mike Kendon, the lead author of the study, said: “Our report shows climate change is exerting a...

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What’s open, closed on Peter Robinson Day in Peterborough

Monday is the Civic Holiday in Ontario — it’s known as Peter Robinson Day in Peterborough, named after the city’s founder.

All government offices and banks will be closed on Aug. 3.

Here’s a list of some of the services, stores and more that are open and closed in Peterborough on the holiday Monday.

Municipal services

City Hall: Closed. Reopening to the public on Aug. 4.

Garbage, recycling, green waste: Regular schedule

Hazardous household waste: Closed

Recycling drop-off depot (390 Pido Rd.): Open

County/city Bensfort Road landfill site (1260 Bensfort Rd.): Closed

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Peterborough Transit: Holiday schedule from 8 a.m. to 7:20 p.m. Route hours are available on the city’s website.

Peterborough Public Library: Closed

Public works: Office closed; P...

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Amazon’s Project Kuiper gets FCC approval for over 3,200 internet satellites – CNET


Amazon’s internet satellite plan has gotten FCC approval. 

Angela Lang/CNET

Amazon’s internet ambitions are getting a boost this week. On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission granted the tech giant approval to “deploy and operate our constellation of 3,236 satellites,” the company announced on its Day One blog.  

Amazon says that when launched the network will provide “reliable, affordable broadband service to unserved and underserved communities around the world” with the FCC authorization allowing the company to begin work on delivering “satellite-based broadband services in the United States, helping expand internet access to households and communities across the country.”

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Coronavirus: عفونت افزایش در سراسر انگلستان جدید آمار رسمی نشان می دهد که بوریس جانسون می گوید رای می تواند به دو برابر در ماه گذشته

تعداد coronavirus عفونت در جامعه در انگلستان دیده شده است یک افزایش اندک در طول هفته های اخیر اطلاعات جدیدی از دفتر آمار ملی (ONS) پیشنهاد کرده است که دولت شروع به re-اعمال محدودیت در برخی از جوامع برای جلوگیری از خطر دوم سنبله.

این فایرفاکس برآورد شده بر اساس 116,026 سواب تست های جمع آوری شده بیش از شش هفته که 59 بازگشت و نتایج مثبت – پیشنهاد کوچک تا تیک در موارد با توجه به آژانس مدل سازی.

با این حال در یک کنفرانس مطبوعاتی که پس از آمار و ارقام بوریس جانسون پیشنهاد روزانه تعدادی از عفونت های جدید در جامعه مم...

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چه باز در مدنی تعطیلات در همیلتون برلینگتون و آبشار منطقه

اوت آخر هفته طولانی است بر ما و با درجه حرارت و انتظار می رود در اواسط 20s در سراسر بسیاری از ما خواهد بود با بهره گیری از سه روز آرامش.

جشن در اولین جمعه از ماه اوت مدنی تعطیلات در انتاریو است نه ملی قانونی تعطیلات به این معنی که با وجود دولت های محلی در نظر گرفتن این روز بسیاری از کسب و کار باز خواهد بود.

همیلتون برلینگتون و آبشار منطقه در مرحله 3 از انتاریو بازگشایی طرح در میان coronavirus همه گیر که به معنی پوشیدن پوشش صورت در داخل خانه و فیزیکی فاصله مورد نیاز در هنگام سفر در سراسر جنوب انتاریو است...

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